Handmade Musical Instruments

Petros Zaranis was born in 1969, in Athens.



  • Classical guitar at the Greek conservatory
    (Professors: Charalambos Ekmektsoglou, Kostas Grigoreas)
    • Classical Guitar Diploma, 1993 (Excellent and First prize)
    • 2nd prize in Panhellenic competitions of classical guitar
  • Oud and Ney
    (Professor: Christos Tsiamoulis)
  • Byzantine music
    (Professors: P. Stratikopoulos, Tryfonas Tsatsaros)
  • Instument making with the famous luthier Giorgos Psylakis.


Work experience:

  • Professor in many conservatories, among them the Athenian conservatory
  • Instrument maker from 1997


Artistic collaborations:

  • Participation in productions from the field of children's books
  • Personal Album, 2011
  • Appearances with Petros Zaranis & band
  • Collaborations with many musicians (guitar, ney)