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Petros Zaranis constructs stringed and wind traditional and classical musical instruments for over a decade (more than 800 instruments) following traditional methods. Among these instruments are:
Stringed instruments: tzouras, bouzouki, baglamas, Arabian bouzouki, guitars,Greek Lute tabours, kemence, pontic lyre, lutes Wind instruments: ney, flutes (various), baspares for neys Stringed instruments from only 300 euros and wind instruments from 70!We also repair all the above mentioned musical instruments

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Adress: Kiprou 78 Argiroupolis Athens   
  Working Time in Worksop 9 .00 - 14.15 - 18.00 - 21.00 except of Sunday      
tel 030 2109933092
+30 6943707191

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CD: 'with a glance'            All songs free download mp3 high quality or BUY

1. Sky kiss
voice and NEY Andreas Sikis - Guitar
:Petros Zaranis
2. With the light of your sunrise
MAria Kotsiri singing NEY: Petros Zaranis
3. Xicaz Mandira Lavtaci
Ney: Nikos Paraoulakis, Percussions: Christine Hompitaki Guitar: Petros Zaranis
4. 12rythm 15
Acoustick guitar: Petros Zaranis
5. Patrounino
(greek traditional from Macedonia) taxim :Haris Labrakis Drums:George Fasolis
6. sto ftero
classical guitar: Petros Zaranis
7. This Time
NEY Andreas Sikis - Guitar: Petros Zaranis
8. childrens taxim
Ney:Petros Zaranis ς, Daniel Koglin (taximi) - all guitars Petros Zaranis
9. Lebanon Maountain
Ney: Daniel Koglin - all guitars: Petros Zaranis
10. Free Love
Voice, Yiali Tanbur and guitar Petros Zaranis
11. Mode heavy 5tones.
NEY: Nektarios Stamatellos.
Guitar: Petros Zaranis
12. Saying this for you, my Love
Ney and Guitar -Petros Zaranis
13. The second song of Spring
Vocals from Nina D ,Ney and Guitar -Petros Zaranis

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'Με ένα βλέμμα' Δίσκος υπό έκδοση;

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